Oliver B


Η Casa Vogue αντιπροσωπεύει την Oliver B αποκλειστικά στην Β. Ελλάδα. Στα καταστήματα μας θα βρείτε όλη τη σειρά επίπλων της Oliver B. Ειδικότερα υπάρχουν τραπεζαρίες, καρέκλες, καναπέδες, πολυθρόνεςδιακοσμητικά, coffee tables, side tables.

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Oliver B


Oliver B. Group is an Italian company established in 1999 as a partnership between the Segala family and Oliver Bucher. Situated in the beautiful city of Verona, the home of Romeo and Juliet, known for its enchanting architecture but also for being home to many amazing entrepreneurial stories. With its roots anchored deeply in a region famous for its industrial tradition, Oliver B. is positioned precisely between high quality and luxury furniture and has grown steadily to be appreciated worldwide. Whether it be our tables, sideboards, bookcases, cupboards, chairs, armchairs, couches, or beds, Oliver B.’s craftsmanship has come to be recognized by the innovative style that is guided by the truest attention to detail to some of the finest, as well as newest materials.


Pure admiration for wood in its most natural form. This is what drives us to craft work imbued with passion.
Passion that comes straight from the heart. Wood has been used since the dawn of humanity to build bridges, buildings and tools.
It is a timeless material, ingrained with nature’s wisdom, sensitivity and stength. Therefore, we feel It requires a genuine human sensitivity to appreciate wood and a lifelong dedication to master the skill needed to select, interpret and fashion it. Our method begins with a precise control on the drying phases and finishes with meticulous care in the varnishing.
Oliver B. furniture represents an uncompromising attention to detail, with each piece embodying a story of patient effort and rigorous craftsmanship. The result is a timeless creation that holds its value.


Wood has such a rich diversity, that each species has its own affinities and unique sense of being, qualities that we strive to reveal in our work. We are dedicated to incorporating some of the finest wood into our designs.Woods such as American Walnut, whose straight and majestic trunk can reach up to fifty meters, and washed Walnut famous for its agile and contemporary finish that blends easily with other materials. Or Oak, the king of durability that when aged can resist bumps, bends and harsh weather, qualities that made it so desirable for shipbuilding and barrel making. We even work with Wild Oak, which is highlyprized for its rustic and untamed beauty. Our love and respect for the wood that we use is visible in the innate subtleties of each variety of tree that remains long after our work is done.

Be Italian

It brings us great pride that in the furniture industry, Italy is synonymous with excellence in design and technology.
Uncontested in its preeminence, the Italian model is known for its ability to seamlessly merge different aspects: knowhow and savoir vivre, art and technique, body and mind, aspiring to beauty and economical sustainability or, in other words, the capacity to imagine and create harmony. Oliver B.’s product range is anything but static.
While there are some timeless products in the collection, a large number of items are in a state of continuous refinement. To give an idea of the commitment to product research, from more than 150 prototypes created each year, only 20 to 30 go into production. Each product is classified by type of material in order to put emphasis on the importance that the brand grants to raw materials. Oliver B.’s collection is organized in two different catalogs: Casa and Wild. Casa aims for a segment that can be defined as luxury entry level, while Wild is caters to a wider public with a tendency to explore new trends.