Tonin Casa


Η Casa Vogue αντιπροσωπεύει την Tonin Casa αποκλειστικά στην Β. Ελλάδα. Στα καταστήματα μας θα βρείτε όλη τη σειρά επίπλων της Tonin Casa. Ειδικότερα υπάρχουν καναπέδες, πολυθρόνες, τραπεζαρίες, καρέκλες, διακοσμητικά, coffee tables, side tables.

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Meridiani History




HOME is timeless collections, elegant and without frills, essential but still vivacious, modern but with no compromises with temporary trends. A distinguished style, an inspiring new classic that leaves space for personal interpretation.

Furnishings for the living room, the bedroom, the dining area, the library and the outdoor. With meticulous signs, precise proportions, essential volumes. Indoor and outdoor collections recall each other also in the details, the precious materials and in the crafts. It’s about the need to feel that the indoor space becomes one with the outdoor one and that elegance, continuity and a thread bind them forever in time.

Precious textiles, textures stolen from the richest wardrobe. Use natural fibers such as linen, cotton, velvet and chenille, elegant threads transformed in couches, beds armchairs and chaise longues. The softness of full grain leather and the strength of hide are emphasized by seams inspired by the art of saddlery.

Made in Italy

Each original product is the result of the use of the best materials and careful quality controls. This expertise and attention to detailing are carried out by artisans who perfectly complement the mechanized processes.

When purchasing an original Tonin Casa product end consumers can enjoy the guarantee of a certified product. Each item is accompanied by a certificate which provides them with the guarantee on the Italian origin and quality of their purchase. Before being issued with the “100% Made in Italy certification”. So, manufacturers undergo a series of strict checks in order to make sure that long-lasting product quality is certified and guaranteed. 
Checks are directed at certifying that the entire production cycle takes place in Italy. 
The Made in Italy Certification guarantees product authenticity and represents the production quality. The creativity and the style which are famous all over the world.