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Lamorisse Outdoor Chair – 65x59x79cm- Pedrali



Lamorisse Outdoor Chair





Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας

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Lamorisse Outdoor Chair

Διάσταση: 65x59x79cm

Lamorisse is an armchair designed for the outdoors, but it is equally suited to any setting for pure relaxation. Its aluminium frame makes it ideal for a waterfront veranda, shaded outdoor areas, for a poolside table, and even on a ship deck. The structure, made in extruded aluminium, with oval legs welded to round tube armrests, holds a large and enveloping cushion in polyurethane foam. The seat is supported by elastic belts that offer maximum comfort and strength. The cushion consists of multiple sections joined by a zip and folded to create the seat and backrest. The easy placement of the cushion on the structure facilitates storage and handling and allows the padded parts to be renovated without having to replace the entire product.





Вес 6 kg
Габариты 65 × 59 × 79 cm

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