Babila Twist Outdoor Chair – 60x57x78cm- Pedrali


Babila Twist Outdoor Chair





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Babila Twist Outdoor Chair

Διάσταση: 60x57x78cm

Babila Twist fits within a collection featuring harmonious shapes. Its profile is marked by an alternation of straight and curved lines, creating a connection between the artificial world and the soft forms of the human body. Steel armchair characterised by a large and welcoming shell woven with a flat rope in weather-resistant polypropylene. Babila Twist’s distinguishing feature is the combination of a woven body and a tubular steel frame with slats for the seat. These are screwed, making them easy to disassemble and recycle. A comfortable cushion made from dry-feel polyurethane foam that dries quickly, is covered in fabric for outdoor use.





Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 7 kg
Größe 60 × 57 × 78 cm

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