Interiors Decoration

Η Casa Vogue αντιπροσωπεύει την Rugiano αποκλειστικά στην Β. Ελλάδα. Στα καταστήματα μας θα βρείτε όλη τη σειρά επίπλων αλλά και outdoor επίπλων για εξωτερικό χώρο της Rugiano. Ειδικότερα υπάρχουν καναπέδες, πολυθρόνες, τραπεζαρίες, καρέκλες, διακοσμητικά, coffee tables, side tables.

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  1. Rugiano brand is synonym with style: style that originates from distinguished and unique creations, designed to be timeless and valuable.

Style that also originates from collaborations with famous professionals and architects, from the technical knowledge and craftsmanship of those who can turn dreams into matter, and from a sapient use of noble and selected materiauls, from metal to wood to leather.

That’s the style that comes with Rugiano Furniture.


2. Rugiano’s philosophy stands behind every Rugiano’s producr.

It stands behind noticeable the exquisite finishes, the care for the details, the finesse of the handcrafted pieces, the use of new materials and the reinterpretation of the classic ones.

It stands behind the flowing forms of marble, the hand-painted and silver-pzlated table tops, the elegant bronze bases and the large chandeliers, where precious crystals drops of lights are matched with leather and metal finishes becoming the true focal points of the design.

Rugiano’s philosophy, made by the meeting of clean lines, contemporary finishes and timeless elegance and wisdom.


3. Rugiano style starts from the company itself: firstly design ideas, coming straight from our style office, which creates our new collections collaborating with influent designers, or from our design lab, which assists those clizents looking for bespoke products and interiors, always maintaining one common denominator: Rugiano Style.

Then the materials: carefully selected and adhering to our high standards, they are crafted by knowledgeable, competent and professional

upholsterers, metal workers, embroiders and wood furniture makers, constantly developing the handcraftsmanship who made Italian furnishing famous and respected worldwide.

The same characteristics identify Rugiano bespoke products and interiors, with every single one of them being the result of a sapient mix of technical and artistic knowhow and giving every single project an unique atmosphere.

A made in Rugiano Atmosphere.

4. Quality starts from materials: without qualitative materials, manufacturing qualitative products is, simply, impossible. That’s why Rugiano carefully selects noble materials such as bronze, brass and steel and utilises leather and fabric of the highest qulity.

for the same reason, all the processes are carried out internally and constantly monitored and every detail is carefully checked.

That’s how Quality is created.