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My Life Design Stories
CHOOSE YOUR STYLE, MAKE THE DIFFERENCE “My Life”, since the house and the style according to which is furnished represent the personality of the person who lives in it.
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Giorgio Collection
Luxury Experience
Giorgio Collection Luxury Experience Collections. Made in Italy. Perfect quality brand.
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Luxury Living
The Trussardi Casa collection is conceived for dynamic and contemporary locations, a sign of the family mood which characterizes the Trussardi maison.
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Industrial Design Made in Italy
Misuraemme since 1902 has made an industrious and untiring contribution to "Made in Italy" values. MisuraEmme's current industrial dimension and potential represent a strong heritage that has been built over time. A long history dedicated to a constantly evolving know-how, defining the company as an internationally-recognized Brand.
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Cucine D'Italia
Scic is a brand that stands for quality and design in the whole world.
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The name Arketipo was chosen by the Tuscan company because its meaning contains the idea of original and distinctive design. This word expresses the know how of Arketipo Firenze, which has been developed through the search for high quality materials and the study of new design forms. Ideas become unique and original items.
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Casa Vogue is a leading furniture company in Greece.
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Luxury Living
The Bentley Home collection celebrates the tradition of the great automotive brand. Nobility is refined through a new aesthetic style which honours savoir-faire, creativity, and sophistication. The silhouettes and iconic shapes, so synonymous with Bentley are translated into a new language of interiors.
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Luxury Living
Heritage Collection draws the attention to a luxurious and contemporary dimension. Following the tradition developed in the high quality furniture culture, the elegant style of the collection celebrates the finest manufacturing heritage. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are the essential elements of a purely Italian lifestyle
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Bruno Zampa
Made in Italy
Bruno Zampa Style is unique and emerges through every project, in each decor proposal, in the fabric selection and in the lines, in the nuances and material matching. A global vision, a talent to think in an total and absolute way, that is hidden behind every choice.
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Pietro Costantini
Interior Philosopy, soul sensibility
Tables, chairs, and occasional furniture for an impressive total look, with stylistic proposals leading to a timeless design.
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Rugiano brand is synonym with style: style that originates from distinguished and unique creations, designed to be timeless and valuable.
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Iron Beds
The beauty of shape and the extraordinary variety of compositions can win you over at first glance, but it is only when you skim over the soft finishes and the fine handcrafted decorations, physically touching the quality of the materials used and the sturdiness of the frames that you will truly understand the absolute inimitability of Cantori's world.
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Elite To Be
Made To Be Stronger
elite, TO BE with its collections ENO and LIVING constitutes a real market niche as far as furniture and accessories are concerned whilst offering a range of innovating products with and strong character matching exactly the company brand philosophy.
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Bontempi Casa
Bontempi produce mobili e complementi per la zona giorno e la zona notte dal design moderno e raffinato. Tavoli, Sedie, Consolle e Scrittoi, Mobili da Soggiorno, Complementi di Arredo e Letti d'Autore: scopri i prodotti Bontempi nel sito ufficiale
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Made in Italy
Not just Made in Italy, but a perfect synergy between hand - craft modeling, creativity and technology, that makes our working method the added value in each product.
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Armony Cucine
The kitchen in our hands
Continuous innovation for increasingly new goals Today and tomorrow. A dynamic team.
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Calia Italia
Le principali tappe del nostro lavoro, i nostri riconoscimenti
Calia produce high quality leather sofas and armchairs.
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Art Nova
Collezione di divani, poltrone, letti
Art Nova moves in the realization of products able to dress with harmony, style and rigor of contemporary everyday life, day after day, adhering to the evolution of the image and functionality of the furniture.
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Oliver B
Be Unique and Passionate.
Pure admiration for wood in its most natural form. This is what drives us to craft work imbued with passion.
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Riva 1920
Made In Italy
We keep and hand down the craft traditions of who preceded us.
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To give a new expression and a different meaning to the crystal industrial technology: Reflex was born more than twenty years ago with this ambitious aim.
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We have identified three words that describe the soul of our brand, but also the character of those who choose it: GENTLE, CHARME, CREATIVO.
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Alf Da Fre
Modern Style
Furnishing according to Alf Da Fre. The company leeds in Modern Style with complete colelctions for bedroom, living room, wardrobes etc.
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Tonin Casa
Meet the new contemporary
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Giusti Portos
A story written in the fire
From forging and welding the iron, and carving the wood to brushing the brass. And every design is exclusive to Giusti Portos: the shape that the wrought iron assumes on the anvil, the fusion of the brass, the carving of the wood
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Furnish your style
Every handmade object is unique in its own. Smania bears this truth in mind to create luxury furniture and accessories that can be considered actual design objects.
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Building on our history, we start from our workers’ knowledge and skills to look to the future, combining experience and innovation to bring the culture of modern design to the world.
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Dialma Brown
The Home You Would Want
Furnishing according to Dialma Brown. A flexibility in the solutions that range from fabric-covered sofas or sofas in vintage leather and modern bookcases, bedroom furnishings to kitchen dressers, from coffee tables in wood or glass to furnishing accessories and objets d’art for the home.
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Roberti Rattan
Outdoor Pleasure
Outdoor Pleasure. Roberti designed and produced sunbeds, chaiselongues and armchairs offering high comfort and functionalty specifically for the wellness area.
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Outdoor Therapy
Varaschin, a venetian company leader in the outdoor market. The weave, once of rattan and wicker now of synthetic materials more suitable for the outdoors, has always been the soul of Varaschin production.
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Pedrali Home
Pedrali is an Italian company producing contemporary furniture for public spaces, offices and homes.
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Penta Lights
Fourty years of life, work and passion!
the firm belief that being successful meant offering excellent quality together with an intriguing and recognizable design, pushed the firm to specialize in one of the original branches: lighting.
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Italamp is a leading provider of lighting that is 'Made in Italy'.
Each product is created and custom-made, with attention to detail and reaching for perfection. Clean lines and workmanship quality are the focus of the Italamp products. High quality is controlled until the end of the production process, ensuring the utmost care and knowledge in the manufacturing processes.
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Stella Del Mobile
Classic Elegance
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In the Marchetti artistic furniture workshop, the fragrance of wood blends with all the charm of an ancient craft.
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ll materials used in our Outdoor collections are suitable to stand outside. They resist to wide temperature range, to UV rays, to water, to salt and to all atmospheric agents.

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